Ethicoil by name – Ethical by nature 

Our service is both simple and seamless.  Our professional team of drivers deliver a range of great quality, locally sourced cooking oils for use in food preparation. Servicing the full spectrum of the catering and food production sector, from catering vans to commercial kitchens, sports stadiums, schools and local government sites.  While in the same movement, we cleanly and safely remove the waste oil generated through your everyday business so that it may have a second life in the production of renewable energy!

By combining the two services, we maximise efficiency, minimise disruption. and the carbon footprints of both businesses.

At Ethicoil, we are very proud to say 100% percent of the Waste Cooking Oil we collect is used as feed stock for the production of biofuels.  Offering a significant reduction in carbon emissions compared to using traditional fossil fuels.   

Our Service

Our localised, fully licensed collection teams are managed from our head office in East Anglia. Further to a simple fact find to understand your businesses cooking oil requirements, Ethicoil will tailor a service to meet your individual needs:-

  • Scheduled delivery of quality British refined cooking oils at great prices
  • Regular waste cooking oil collection 
  • Replacement clean barrels for waste oil storage
  • Waste transfer documentation provided upon collection

Let Ethicoil Support your business to achieve a more sustainable and carbon efficient business model!