Happy Easter Break 2022!

We hope you all enjoy your Easter break! Ethicoil Group continues its work collecting barrels of waste cooking oil and helping in the fight against climate change. Contact Ethicoil Group today to arrange a collection., tel 01473 924047.

Where EOG operates in the UK

Where Ethicoil Group Operates in England

Where Ethicoil Group Operates in England We have been expanding our operations to cover the majority of Eastern England. We have created this map to showcase the regions of England which we service! If you are from one of these areas and have waste cooking oil that you need to dispose of, don’t pour it […]

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It’s Recycle Week 2021

It’s Recycle Week 2021 this week and the team at Ethicoil Group wanted to showcase exactly what we do with all of the waste cooking oil that we collect, and how it helps lower carbon emissions and contributes to saving the environment! Check out what we contribute to the environment, to celebrate Recycle Week 2021 […]

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Reliable, Scheduled Waste Oil Collections

Ethicoil Group provides a reliable, scheduled waste oil collection service, performed by your local branch! Our easy, scheduled waste oil Collections We provide you with sustainability documentation, and rebates paid! Clean, safe storage barrels installed free of charge with every collection – All so that you can focus on the needs and prosperity of your […]

Help prevent climate change today with Ethicoil Group

The world is changing, summers are getting hotter and extreme weather events more frequent – all due to climate change. Help reduce carbon emissions by recycling your waste cooking oil with Ethicoil Group. We help reduce global emissions by recycling your waste cooking oil into renewable energy such as biofuels, helping the planet in the […]

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Watch our animation about Ethicoil’s service!

Check out this informative, in-depth animation all about our services! Ethicoil Group is an internationally accredited waste cooking oil recovery and recycling specialist. Servicing the full spectrum of catering and food production sectors, from catering vans to commercial kitchens, sports stadiums, schools, and local government sites. Our localised, fully licensed collection teams are managed from […]


Our Contactless, Paperless, and Seamless Waste Oil Collection Service!

Our Contactless, Paperless, and Seamless Waste Oil Collection Service! Thanks to the constant innovation and evolution of our business model, Ethicoil’s full-service waste cooking oil collection is contactless, paperless, and seamless. Making it easier and more sustainable than ever before. Keep reading to learn how we accomplished this progressive feat! Contactless Transactions Going contactless was […]