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To start earning the cash rebate for your waste cooking oil; fill in the form and a member of staff will call you and get your account set up. 

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It's illegal to dispose of your waste cooking oil down the drain. Use Ethicoil to sustainably and ethically collect your waste cooking oil and save you environmental fines!

Ethicoil will come and collect your waste cooking oil for free from your site at a time that works for you. Our process is clean, efficient and free!

So by using Ethicoil to collect your waste cooking oil, not only are you saving fines and helping the environment, you also receive cash money rebates!

Ethicoil clean your waste cooking oil, which then gets a second lease of life as bio diesel transportation fuel

The bio fuels created from recycled waste cooking oil helps save the amount of carbon in entering the atmosphere. It also saves the drains from clogging up, helping local authorities and the environment! 

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