Read some of the testimonials provided by Ethicoil Group customers

Rafael Muro Vecino

Pinchito LTD

I am very happy. Ethicoil provides a great and kind service that is fast and clean. They gave me a couple of open-top drums to store all of my used oil in, a much better system for my small buisness. They also pay you for your used oil.  

Richard Partridge

The Butchers Arms

Paul, the driver, is always so friendly to us. They are a great and reliable company and we are happy to continue business with them. Many thanks from The Butcher’s Arms in Knodishall.

Lucy Eagle

Gracie’s Kitchen

Paul is always so friendly and makes our day when he comes to Gracie’s Kitchen in Leiston!

Kerne Soar

Venue 16 Steakhouse

We switched to Ethicoil for the delivery of fresh cooking oil and the collection of my waste oil. It’s a great service and they are always on time but I’m so impressed with how much they care about sustainability. Top marks!

Caroline Dwen

Rosy Lee Tearoom

I have to say it is the best service I have ever had; number 1 in all of the UK! And what a very polite and very helpful young gentleman, couldn’t do enough for my business, he was so good; he organised my oil drum and even cleaned up under the oil drum and around, and put all bits of rubbish away for us. Amazing thank you Ethicoil very much I am very happy I joined your company!