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Welcome to Ethicoil, Waste Cooking Oil Collection and Purveyors of the Circle Economy! 

Ethicoil Group are an internationally accredited waste cooking oil collection and recycling specialist.  Servicing the full spectrum of catering and food production sectors, from catering vans to commercial kitchens, sports stadiums, schools and local government sites.

Free Waste Cooking Oil Collection Service

Our waste cooking oil collection service is simple, convenient and fully compliant, so start today by filling in the form below to book your first free collection and earn a cash rebate.

How It Works!

arrange a waste cooking oil collection

Fill in the quick form and we will call you to arrange your first waste cooking oil collection.

Waste cooking oil collection for free

Our friendly driver will come to you at a day and time that works for you and collect for free.

Waste Cooking Oil Cash Rebate

We will then make arrangements to pay you a cash rebate for your waste cooking oil.

Oil Collection - EOG Products

Waste Oil Collection

Our friendly team of waste collection experts will cleanly and safely remove the waste cooking oil from your premises.

Fresh Oil - EOG Products

Fresh Oil Delivery

And at the same time we can also deliver a range of high quality locally sourced cooking oils including rapeseed oil and vegetable oil.

Reduce Carbon - EOG Products

Reduce Carbon Footprint

By combining the two services, we maximise efficiency and minimise both carbon footprints of both businesses, with minimal disruption.

EOG Service Area Map v2-01

Speak to a member of the team to see how Ethicoil Group can help your business!

As a business you are obliged by law to store and dispose of your waste responsibly for the benefit of the environment.  Our service ensures your business is adhering to current UK Government legislation including the Environment Agency, Health and Safety and Food Standards Agency. Providing traceability documentation upon collection and after service advice and guidance. 

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