Our Contactless, Paperless, and Seamless Waste Oil Collection Service!

Our Contactless, Paperless, and Seamless Waste Oil Collection Service!

Thanks to the constant innovation and evolution of our business model, Ethicoil’s full-service waste cooking oil collection is contactless, paperless, and seamless. Making it easier and more sustainable than ever before. Keep reading to learn how we accomplished this progressive feat!

Contactless Transactions

Going contactless was a major priority of ours during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, as we wanted both our customers and delivery drivers to be safe during any waste oil collections. However, it was also important to go contactless regardless of social rules, as it simply makes life easier and secure for both customers and our drivers, saving time in the process.

Going Paperless 

Paperless documentation using digital smart tablet devices was another huge progressive initiative to ensure a more ecological, and streamlined method of dealing with delivery information and signings. All of our drivers are equipped with a digital tablet to defeat the use of now-antiquated paper documents.

Seamless Service

Easy to book collections using our online portal, combined with contactless and paperless transactions, ensures a seamless and hassle-free waste oil collection straight from your premises.

Cleanliness is also the key! Our excellent delivery drivers ensure a no-mess collection – handling any barrels with great care, with sanitised and clean fresh barrels for your convenience in storing your waste oil.

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