Food Waste Collection

As one of our partner services, we team up with Sole Bay Waste & Recycling Services and Vertas Environmental to assist businesses with disposing of their food waste, ensuring a fast and seamless collection of your food waste that goes into recycling, helping lower your businesses carbon footprint.

Food Waste Collection Graphic-01

Our food waste collection service allows your business to avoid the ever-increasing cost of the landfill tax and the legal obligations of disposing of waste that you need to consider, as we expertly recycle the food waste by composting and anaerobic digestion, allowing it to be continually used in the food production cycle, and reducing the amount of waste taken up in landfills, helping the wider ecosystem. 

In the local area, there are ways and means of disposing and recycling your food waste – but the issues arise when:

  • the options are unclear
  • they are hard to reach
  • they involve a huge investment of time and energy
  • you don’t have the space to sort or store the waste in the first place

Our food collection service can take care of these aspects, so contact us today to find out how we can help you and your business with your food waste disposal!

Contact us today to evolve your food waste management for the benefit of the environment!