Ground Coffee Collections

Coffee Collection graphic3

Ground coffee beans can make up a significant amount of a catering business’s waste, and most businesses dump these beans as normal refuse, or even worse; pour them down the sink, which leads to them solidifying and blocking up your plumbing. But did you know that there is an extremely ecological method of disposing of your ground coffee beans?

Coffee Recycling

Partnering with bio-bean, we service the catering industry with their ground coffee waste collection and recycling service, which leads to the creation of a range of sustainable products for a range of markets, both consumer and industrial, such as coffee logs, which burn 20% hotter and longer than standard kiln-dried wood and is made entirely from recycled ground coffee beans.

Spent coffee beans can also be used to extract residual compounds, producing a wide range of valuable chemicals for many uses, such as natural flavouring products and components that can be used in foods and beverages.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and help put your spent ground coffee to good use!